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Make your contribution for the nature by being the part of our upcoming event.

Climte school

To warn the future generation about climate changes and guide them towards sustainable future, GRE presents climate school. 


The Ranger's Voice

Our Pokhara chapter is publishing newsletter about different public issues and raising their voice. You can also contribute to the event. 

                      “संघर्ष” सफलताको प्रतिबिम्ब
Hard Work and Success stories of those Successful people from different Fields. We all will hear their story and the reason behind the success. This session is for those youth who always want to do something but had always face problem trouble and change their mind or planned to leave the way that they have started.

Social media Campaign

All of our chapters post an awareness banner each day in their social media platforms. Each post is based on a daily theme. 

Project Ranger

We Project ranger, we are actually going on the field to take strong and effective actions to protect our mother nature. 

World Biodiversity Week 2021 (GRE Biodiversity Week)

This World Biodiversity Day 2021 by GRE:
This time We GRE have decided to do 1week Social Media based
campaign with different theme and different event will be done in different days. As we all are bounded by the current condition of COVD19 even though we have to respect nature and give what can we give and have to contribute form our side so whatever is possible that has to be done, So looking to the condition. GRE has planned to engage Children, Youth and every age group as far as possible by the means of Social Media awareness and activities.


Biomagnification- How is it killing Human?
Article by Shobita Neupane

विलुप्त हुदै भ्यागुताहरू

Our Recent event

Orientation Program (Climate Change)


Voice to protect Nijgadh Forest

(GRE Biodiversity Week)

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Voice to protect Nijgadh Forest

(GRE Biodiversity Week) Media campaign


Voice to protect Nijgadh Forest


Green Rangers Earth (GRE) is a team of motivated Nepalese youths and enthusiasts looking to contribute their effort and time, to develop skills, to undertake training and to provide for the conservation of the planet.


Green Rangers  Earth carries out campaigns to educate the students about the importance of the environment and enlightenment about various measures of recreating and conserving the environment. GRE focuses on youths of different sectors and is actively involved in reaching the local grass-root level and implanting resilient and environment-friendly mindset on young people.

    Major Area:                                                                        Major Projects: 

1. Environment                                                                    1. GRE with Children

2. Sustainability                                                                 2. GRE with Local Government

3.Agriculture                                                                        3. GRE School Projects

4.Climate Change                                                             4. Sangharsha

5.Science and Technology                                            5. Youth and SDGs 

6.Personality Development                                           6. Me and My Farming



GRE is the team of Youth who are really devoted to utilize there learning for the protection of Mother earth as well as motivate and generate more youth for the conservation of Earth.

CEO/Executive Head

GRE has changed by attitude towards the environment. I care about the negative effects of my actions and drive my energy towards positive change in the environment. Thank you GRE

Shobita Neupane

Content Head


We Rangers are team to protect mother Earth. I am very glad to be part of this team where I got chance to uplift myself and my inner vision to be there for mother nature. Thank you GRE. JayGRE #JayPrithivi

Bharat Saud

Central Team and Event Head

GRE has changed my perception towards Youth. Looking the energy of this team I am always amazed and see my self how I was before at there age and used to be there for Nature. Due to this attitude I Promise you all to be there for you all always. Thank you GRE

Prashanta Adhikari



GRE is the team who are really close to me and I am very glad to be part of this team. I hope we are soon going to combat all environmental issues and make our earth a better place.

Maulik Joshi

CEO Moox Event Pvt.Ltd

GRE Advisor

Being as a Legal advisor I am very blessed and happy to support this energetic team with huge mission and vision to uplift Environment condition of World. #GOgoGreenRangers

Prapoosa KC

Legal Advisor

With a aim of protecting Mother Earth this was the major reason why I was attracted with GRE I wish I could be part of this Team and move head together.

Pallawish Kumar

International Partners Head


Its and honor to be with this wonderful youth and help then as well as learn from them and contribute something for the Mother Earth. #GoGoGreenRangers

Pramisha Thapaliya


Our Deatils


Old baneshwor, Kathmandu & Chandrapur-4 Rautahat

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